"OVER 10 hrs of footage with 17 LIVE demonstrations"; Gain unprecedented access to an in your face, dynamic, practical and advanced look into spotting unconscious moments with renowned trainer and therapist Scott Jansen

Join Scott and the Academy as he personally coaches 15 professionally qualified advanced Hypnotherapist in a revolutionary look into conversational hypnosis in its rarest form. No scripts, no techniques and no NLP

  • Make A Full Time Income In Part Time Hrs

    Make A Full Time Income In Part Time Hrs

    A training that is created for the novice, the evolving hypnotist, the business owner, and the professional therapist.

  • No Scripts Needed Or Required

    No Scripts Needed Or Required

    A robust, practical and revolutionary training that takes the mechanical and clumsiness out of conversational hypnosis

  • Become a hypnotic artist with this dynamic approach to hypnosis

    Become a hypnotic artist with this dynamic approach to hypnosis

    Begin to understand how your own mind functions and how to develop an unbreakable hypnotic instinct

  • A Combination Of Conversational Hypnosis & Covert Hypnosis

    A Combination Of Conversational Hypnosis & Covert Hypnosis

    The perfect mix of conversational and covert hypnosis to draw out your inner hypnotic genius

  • Non Scripted Hypnotherapy Training

    Non Scripted Hypnotherapy Training

    A hypnotic system devised to enhance your conversational hypnosis strategies so people hang off every word you say

  • Unlimited possibilites

    Unlimited possibilites

    A hypnosis event showing YOU how to take hypnosis with you everywhere and how to use it in any and every conversation. This is TRUE mastery

How This Training Works

Join Scott Jansen in this LIVE coaching opportunity. Be in the HOT seat as you are personally coached by Scott on the ‘ How, What, And When ‘ questions of hypnosis. Using LIVE [ actual / real ] emotional issues, you and your fellow students will discover how dynamic the mind can be, and how to freestyle your approach to conversational hypnosis

Easy To Follow

2 Day LIVE coaching with Scott Jansen

Designed To Work

An in-depth training in principles and concepts of the unconscious

Utilizing the unconscious mind

Blending therapy, stories, coaching and language to its highest power

Adaptive training

A training created to adapt to your personality without scripts or long lectures

See What We Are All About !

" This was the style of hypnosis I was looking for ! Scott Jansen connected all the dots for me after years and years of training. The fact I never use a script has blown my mind. I wish I found this training sooner. Thank you C.H.A
Marcus O'Brian - C.H.A Certified Hypnotist / Life Coach
- Professional Hypnotherapist

" What Our Amazing Students Say About Our Trainings "

Just a few of our professional graduates have their say

I have had a phenomenal experience learning with the Conversational Hypnosis Academy. They have not only given me everything I need to go out and be a Hypnotherapist but they have given me the confidence to do it without scripts using only the power of conversation. So I can take it anywhere and treat any client. Scott is very knowledgeable and an excellent facilitator. If you want to put somebody into a trance within the first 30 minutes of the training, this is the place to be.
Had no experience at all. I attended this course and with in the first hour I had placed someone into a trance. If you are looking for a challenge that is exciting, energising, and so useful then this is the course for you. This course will change the way you think, the way you work and the way you view life. It is worth more than what you pay for it. I just can’t say enough good things about it. Do it, enjoy the experience or not… It’s up to you.
I hated Scott Jansen after day one, mainly because all his teachings flew in the face of classic hypnotherapy training and stupidly I fought it. Scott’s training is what I was really seeking and hadn’t achieved to date and resisted because of the time and money I had already invested in other programs. Save yourself a lot of time and money and hassle and start here with Scott. Come with an open mind and without those usual limitations and surprise yourself with the infinite possibilities that are presented.

The BEST Bit About : Spotting Unconscious Moments LIVE

All footage was recorded from live, unscripted, un-prepared, unorganized and spontaneous client issues making this event a once in a lifetime opportunity for all involved, and now you as you get a front row seat to view this all in action

Beating Procrastination

Demo 1

  • Principles Used :
  • Spotting unconscious moments
  • Exploring the problem
  • Why your own nervousness can persuade your client negatively
  • How to spot an unconscious response inside conscious talk

Social anxiety and awkwardness

Demo 2

  • Principles Used :
  • Resisting solving your client's issue is key to success
  • How to stop solving the wrong issue
  • How to pick up on emotional attachments
  • Confused thinking for problem expression

Procrastination In Business

Demo 3

  • Principles Used :
  • When not to give advice
  • Rejection of advice from
  • Paying attention to unconscious moments
  • Working with conscious stubbornness
  • Stopping circling conversations

Weight Loss Frustration

Demo 4

  • Principles used :
  • Formal unconscious moments
  • Initializing unconscious searching
  • Offering the right question to suit
  • Solution orientation questions
  • Therapeutic body language

Avoidance Of Chores & Housework

Demo 5

  • Principles used :
  • Working with smaller issues and problems
  • Drawing attention to unconscious moments for deeper impact
  • Unconscious moments for subtracting better unconscious information

Healing Trances With Impact

Demo 6

  • Principles used :
  • Using trance to heal unconscious looping thoughts
  • Question frames to tease out hidden information
  • Being curious for creativity
  • Creating strong hypnotic instinct for creative thinking for therapists

Anxiety with job promotion interview

Demo 7

  • Principles used :
  • The hypnotic clarification for hooking the unconscious mind
  • Freestyle hypnosis strategies
  • Combining maneuvers for smooth delivery
  • Using hypnotic metaphors to destroy unwanted emotions

Working with resistance

Demo 8

  • Principles used :
  • Body and feeling metaphors
  • Using strategic attention to bypass conscious excuses
  • The basis of the hypnotic attitude
  • Conscious resistance vs unconscious resistance and what to do

Spontaneous coaching session

Demo 9

  • Principles used :
  • Metaphors to draw attention
  • Offering solutions through metaphors
  • Keeping control of any conversation with therapeutic undertones
  • Group breakdown of spontaneous session

Packing down the unconscious mind

Demo 10

  • Principles used :
  • Drawing conscious attention to unconscious change
  • packing down the unconscious mind for life long results
  • Teasing out hidden emotions that can stop relapse Spotting unconscious shifts in your clients

Starting a hypnosis business with confidence

Demo 11

  • Principles used :
  • Using therapeutic unconscious moments to deepen confusion
  • Using process instructions for unconscious cues
  • How to pick apart avoidance responses and how to deal with them

Hypnotic phenomena for hypnotic experiences

Demo 12

  • Principles used :
  • How to use an arm levitation to create a hypnotic experience that clients won't forget
  • using distraction techniques to avoid conscious thinking
  • How to add speed to pure unconscious change with hypnotic phenomena

Hypnotic testing for unconscious resilience

Demo 13

  • Principles used :
  • Hypnotic testing every step along the way
  • How to use harsh testing to create relapse-free issues
  • How to push the unconscious mind to future pacing
  • How to create an unbreakable unconscious barrier for old emotions

Self confidence and identity issue

Demo 14

  • Principles used :
  • How to deal with intense emotion thoroughly
  • How to not get sucked into a client's problem
  • Monitor unconscious responses to keep track of the conversation
  • Gain the correct feedback without derailing the conversation

Starting business from bankruptcy

Demo 15

  • Principles used :
  • How to know how much your client can be pushed therapeutically
  • How to spot conscious walls and blocks
  • How to end a session correctly without frustration
  • How to know when a session has reached a conscious threshold

Emotionally unattached problems

Demo 16

  • Principles used :
  • How to tell if your client is unattached to a therapeutic solution and what to do with this circumstance
  • How to instantly call your clients bluff if they really don't want change
  • How to stop your own hypnotist assumptions when working with clients

Bonus : Needle phobia with needle testing

Demo 17

  • During this bonus footage, you will see Scott help a client with a severe needle phobia though means of using metaphors, misdirection, and confusion + use a real needle for emotional and circumstantial testing.

"Its time to get your hands on this crazy special and own over 10 hrs of unrehearsed and raw hypnotic footage and strategic intention methods using spotting unconscious moments and advanced conversational hypnosis"

**IMPORTANT NOTICE ** This is not a physical product. Your DVD will be supplied to you, via your nominated email. DVD will be physically sent from the Academy office on completion of order (between 1 - 12 hr ). Please consider this before you complete your order


Very Limited Special

Spotting Unconscious Moments– Evolving Discipline In Hypnotic Creativity

In Just 2 days you will gain the trust of talking directly to the unconscious mind without being distracted by conscious interference.

Consider a training developed on catching the unconscious mind in action. A training designed at teaching what or how to use the unconscious minds expression in the very context you are in. A training so adaptive to your personality, that you can create your own style of hypnosis on the fly that suits you and your own dialect.


But wait, that is not the best bit!

  • Strategic non-verbal interaction : Creating a hypnotic environment with use of unconscious moments
  • Blending concepts: To spawn  seamless dialogs with a hypnotic impact
  • Destroy unconscious conclusions : The blueprint to entering the unconscious without being caught
  • SMART approach hypnosis : adapting your style to suit the public and social arena
  • Handling resistance : Hypnotic tactics to dealing with negative and resistant subjects
  • Creating spontaneity :  Taking the mechanical, awkward and obvious verse out of hypnosis
  • Expanding unconscious realities: Using unconscious dialog to broaden unconscious change

Finally Revealed : The Hypnotic System That Will Remove YOUR Mechanical, Clunky And Awkward Approach To Hypnosis And Have You OUT-HYPNOTISING Even The Best In Field, With Little To NO Effort ……


It’s As Close As You Can Get To Hypnotic Mind Reading…. Here is what YOU get

  1. The genius understanding of the dynamic opportunity and creativity of using unconscious moments  : The blueprint of using natural trance for your inductions, therapy advice and entering the hypnotic void with style and grace
  2. How to correctly expand the unconscious moment to deepen hypnosis with a covert effect that will never alert the conscious mind to your plan.
  3. The step by step system to dramatically grow you hypnotic and therapeutic instinct to the levels of pure mastery without the mishaps and attitude of the stumbling hypnotist.
  4. The hypnotic procedure behind growing natural and created unconscious moments for emotional shifting trances that illicit the mood of an entire session.
  5. The unconscious moment questions format that will uncover hidden unconscious moments and clues to abrupt and lighting quick reality changes in clients.
  6. How to instantly bypass your own nerves, awkwardness and worries so you perform like a high paid actor of the hypnotic cinema.
  7. The art of using the conscious mind to detach from a client goal without any use of hypnotic language or manoeuvres.
  8. The formula to using unconscious moments for any interaction, speech, session, answer or social interaction so you can take hypnosis with you everywhere you go.
  9. How to radically blend your own thinking and unconscious mind into every session you have.
  10. The proper use of stories, metaphors and performance to directly influence the unconscious mind that will leave no stone unturned for life-long changes in clients.
  11. The 2 stage utilisation practise that will have you matching your client’s attitude and view of the world like a well-fitted tailor suit
  12. The unconscious rapport system to connect with any client even in the most hostile of situations ( it take seconds )

And so MUCH more